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Playing football JJ

Editor:jim 2022-06-27 05:11Like playing football
Summary: Why do the players close to the goal "grab" their JJ with their hands in the (male) football matchIt seems that only when the free kick is played! This is to play a full role in protecting yours
Why do the players close to the goal "grab" their JJ with their hands in the (male) football match
It seems that only when the free kick is played! Playing football JJThis is to play a full role in protecting yourself! In addition, it is only when players shoot hard! Generally, I don't want to "grab" itOne of my classmates died suddenly while playing football. I touched his JJ when he was unconscious. What should I do now
The landlord is very yellow and wretched. The landlord should be fine. At that time, people who would do that kind of thing are not ordinary people. As for people like the landlord who are unique in the world, people like the landlord who are so independent will never have any accidents. Life is hard
Is playing football easy to get hurt
It's easy, especially if the game is fierce ~ if you play casually, you will hardly get Playing football JJhurt~
Can Lin Junjie play basketball or football
I can play basketball but not football. When I was a child, I was beaten by three people because I played football in the wrong direction (Luyu had an appointment in 2007). Poor
I was kicked when I was playing football
Hehe, that's your fault. When it is injured, it should not be allowed to carry out its work. Recover slowly and check it. And JJ injury is a nerve injury, so you shouldn't use it again, so I think you have become a second injuryWho can tell me why men hold their crotch when playing football
Footballers have strong feet. When the opposing player makes a free kick or shoots, they should protect their crotch to prevent being hit by the key points, which may be fatalLittle JJ is touched by football. It hurts and sour. Will it affect its function
! Generally not. My little brother has a very strong resistance to beating. He can stand the repeated bombing of his teeth and tongue. Hehe, it's terrible. I'm teasing you. It's OK. Just take a rest for two days. Are you satisfied with my answer~~
Penis kicked by football
It is necessaPlaying football JJry to talk to the doctor about 'frequent toilet use and spermatorrhea'. If there is no other problem, don't think too much. And young people had better not sleep all night. Electric blankets and hot water bags are also available. It's nothing to be touched by the ball. In the past, Playing football JJjankole of the Bundesliga kicked his opponent JJ when playing football, and the opponent had two stitchesDoes playing football for a long time help sexual ability
① Teenagers' participation in football can thicken muscle fibers and enhance muscle contractility. Football is not only a systemic sports activity, but also promotes bone growth, bone density, bone diameter and bone weight. ② Young people often take part in football, which will enable them to act quickly, have a broad vision and react quicklyWhat if I get kicked in the penis while playing football? Man, give me some advice
Be careful. If others shoot, you should not block your body. If others shoot, you should turn around, so that others will not shoot to the key place. Ha ha, I have tried many times
Playing football JJ

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