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Like playing football

Football news you will see the playground

Editor:lucy 2022-06-27 05:06Like playing football
Summary: News report about a football match composition 500"Class 3 (2) come on! Class 3 (2) come on!" "Class 3 (5) come on! Class 3 (5) come on!" With cheers and shouts. You will see three (2) boy
News report about a football match composition 500
"Class 3 (2) come on! Class 3 (2) come on!" "Class 3 (5) come on! Class 3 (5) come on!" With cheers and shouts. You will see three (2) boys and three (5) boys playing a tense football match on the playground. My classmates and I sat on the lawn watching the gameA 350 word composition about football in news reports
At this time, the football unexpectedly hit the ball rack and was blocked out. As soon as I saw it, I made a quick dash, mended my foot and kicked the football into the goal. Ah, finally we scored a goal! Now the two sides have drawn one to one. Then we continued to play football. Until three o'clockWrite a 500 word composition about playing football as a report
"Jingling bell" the bell rang after school. The students chattered and talked about where to play. I discussed playing football with some friends. We found an open space and kicked it up heartily. There were several girls as spectators cheering for us. We played more and more brilliantlyWhy did lightning strike happen on the football field in recent years
This is not something that has happened in the past 30 years. The probability of anyone being struck by lightning is one in three million. It just happens to happen on the football field. This news has been at least two yearsAsk for physical education, play football (in the form of news), write a composition, junior high school
Write by yourself and don't rely on others
Why do you never see the news about the American men's football team in the news
American men's football is far from the mainstream in the world, and not many famous stars are known to most people. Therefore, if a large number of relevant news reports canFootball news  you will see the playground only be thankless. Such things with extremely low cost performance are naturally not done by many people. However, less is not equal to none. In some domestic football media with higher vertical categories (without roll call), it is stillComposition in the form of news (football)
My extracurricular life is rich and colorful. I use my spare time to learn painting, English and footbaFootball news  you will see the playgroundll. I especially like playing football because it brFootball news  you will see the playgroundings endless happiness to my childhood. In order to practice football well, my father prepared football and sports shoes for me. Armed, I excitedly went to the football field near my home with my fatherAsk for a news release about the football match, within 400 words, thank you
You can refer to other football press releases to write clearly the time, place, event, game process and game result. If something special happens in the middle, you can focus on it! I feel that if these two competitions are written together, they will mainly be written in the final, and the four competitions will be passed in the last stroke. On the morning of may10,2010I remember there was a news that a football star kicked the ball into the audience, because it was too strong, the ball broke
Well, there was such a game. It seemed that in a game in the Premier League last season, a little fan brokeFootball news  you will see the playground his wrist... Seems to be a big player
The composition about playing football is about 200 words, and the sports meeting press release
I am a lively little boy. I like playing football and basketball. I like playing football best. I go to the playground in our yard every Sunday to play football. This Sunday afternoon
Football news you will see the playground

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