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Chinese football players

Editor:jim 2022-06-22 20:01Like playing football
Summary: What are the people who play football in ChinaPlayers: luxingyou, wangzuotao, Wang zuotao is the most "awesome"How many people are playing football in ChinaHow many people are playing football i
What are the people who play football in China
Players: luxingyou, wangzuotao, Wang zuotao is the most "awesome"How many people are playing football in China
How many people are playing football in China? According to the latest article of the Football Association, in 2016, the number of registered youth players of the Chinese Football Association reached 42153. The number of amateur players registered with the Chinese Football Association reached 55605 in 2016, and the number of male professional players registered with the Chinese Football Association reached 1853 in 2016Why can't Chinese play football well
I didn't want to say it, but I was a little angry. Chinese football is not only because of its poor foundation, but also because some fans can't. First of all, look at the current primary and secondary schools. Where else can you play football? Land inch inch is gold. It's really difficult to find a place where you can play footballWhy is Chinese football not playing well? Who should carry the pot
Many people like to use a sentence to ridicule Chinese football, "more than a billion people can't find eleven who can play well." But this statement is wrong. Chinese football players are not found among more than a billion people. But among football players. China's registered football players are the talent pool for the national teamChinese football is really what those experts say. Is the level of Chinese football not high because there are few football players
There are only tens of thousands of amateur football players in China, and even fewer professional football players, only a few thousand. In contrast, in other countries, thereChinese football players are hundreds of thousands of people playing football at least, and millions more. The gap with China is very largeWhy has Chinese football always performed at an average level? What is the problem
There are not many Chinese people playing football. Most of them play basketball or volleyball. Therefore, the level of football performance in China is very low. According to statistics, there are 26million young trainees playing football in China, and this figure is still incomplete. It may be more or less than this figure. The funny thing isWhy can't the Chinese men's football team play well? What is the problem
The Chinese men's football team is a team that is often roast, so why can't the Chinese men's football team play well? What is the problem? The first is the Football Association. It seems that the football association is not a football association, but rather a shopping mall. What they want is not to play the ball well, but to make too much moneyWhen did China start playing football
When did China start playing football? In fact, the earliest time should be the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. At that time, we had football, but it was not valued by us. Therefore, even today, our football level is still very poor. Yes, in the world arena, we are frequently frustratedWhy does China play football so badly
。。 Leaders want political achievements. Table tennis investment is small aChinese football playersnd achievements are easy to make. However, there are tens of thousands of football stadiums, at least several mu of land. It is even more difficult to organize matches. Those who want to play football have no ground, and gradually have no foundation... Due to exam oriented education in ChinaIs there a future for playing football in China
If you want to be famous, you can only enter a football school or a sports school. It is difficult to be found in the society. If you really have strength, or your parents want you to follow this path, and family conditions allow you to try, but playChinese football playersing football is high-risk. The football school layoffs one by one with age, such as tens of hundreds of children in Luneng fooChinese football playerstball school, and finally
Chinese football players

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