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Like playing football

I learned 300 words to play football

Editor:jim 2022-06-24 23:33Like playing football
Summary: I learned how to write a 300 word composition about playing footballI learned to play football. I remember it was a Saturday. My best friend asked me to play football with him on the lawn of our commu
I learned how to write a 300 word composition about playing football
I learned to play football. I remember it was a Saturday. My best friend asked me to play football with him on the lawn of our community. After listening to his words, I was trembling. I knew nothing about playing football, but I couldn't refuse my good friend, so I had to bite my teeth and promiseWhat did I learn from playing football
Experience of playing football from kindergarten to now, I have learned a lot of skills, such as playing guitar, writing calligraphy, playing football. One of my favorites is playing football. Do you know why I should learn to play football? Because when I was in grade one, I sI learned 300 words to play footballaw on TV those heaven's favourites running on the playground, all of themComposition I learned to play football there are those beautiful words
I like sports, such as running, long jump, golf and Taekwondo. I don't know when I fell in love with playing football. Later, II learned 300 words to play football joined the school football team. The teacher taught us some skills of playing football, told us how to use the inside of the foot to dribble and how to shoot. At the end of the dayWrite a comI learned 300 words to play footballposition that I like playing football, less than 300 words
My favorite sport is playing football. Whenever I see on TV that the players are so energetic, energetic, natural and unrestrained on the football field, I admire it very much and gradually fall in love with playing football. After primary school, I became the most powerful football player in my class. Once, we had a game with class fourWhat are the weekly records of learning to play football
I looked at the human shield and thought: from a high position, the momentum is like breaking bamboo. Why don't they use the flying ball to suppress them? So I kicked a flying ball, and they didn't block the ball. Not only the end of my study, but also let me understand that when shooting, I should set up defense in empty places, and the shooting hit rate is high"My specialty - composition on playing football" is about 400 words
Our team served first, I kicked the football to zhangyaoduo, and then zhangyaoduo hit the ball hard and scored. Now it's one to zero. Then the second game began. They cooperated well with each other and were humble to each other. I hurried to play, but they fooled me. Then their team united and kicked the ballMy specialty is playing football. My composition is about 300 words
I remember a time when my classmates came to me to play football. At first, I was not very good at playing football. I was always robbed by others and kicked into our goal. Since then, my friends have been unwilling to play football with me. I come home from school every day. After finishing my homework, I go downstairs to practice with my friends. Sometimes even my favorite cartoon is too busy to watchFeeling of playing football in PE class composition of 300 words
I like playing football very much The day before yesterday, I played football with my classmates in limine. We divided into groups first Fang Chao, liuweihao, my group, Xi Shaojie, zhoubenfan, sunyao At the beginning of the game, we, the super forward of Fang Fang Chao takes the ball to the enemy's " Gantry " Initiate workEnlightenment of playing football composition 600 words
"Bell! -" class is over! Class is over! " Shouted our football player. We took the ball straight to the playground! We came to the playground and looked up. The sky was much bluer than before. The green trees in front of me were a little lush. Occasionally, we heard birds chirping in the treesThe joy of playing football
Life lies in sports. My happiness also comes from sports. Football makes me gain infinite vitality and fun. I love playing football and am a football fan to the letter. Although I am thin and small, as long as I am with football, I will show my great power
I learned 300 words to play football

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