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Rules for playing football

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Summary: How to play football? What are the rulesPlaying football refers to kicking the ball to a predetermined target with a certain part of the foot according to a certain action method. Mainly used for pass
How to play football? What are the rules
Playing football refers to kicking the ball to a predetermined target with a certain part of the foot according to a certain action method. Mainly used for passing and shooting. The specific method is: according to the part where the foot touches the ball, it can be divided into many methods, such as the inside of the foot, the inside of the foot arch, the instep, the outside instep, the toe and heel. The rules of playing football
Introduction to basic rules of football match
The second thing to understand is that the game time is the most basic rule that must be understood when playing football. In a formal game, the game time is divided into the first and second half, 45 minutes for each half and no more than 15 minutes for the intermediate break. Then each half has its own injury suspension and compensation time stage, which means injury suspension and compensation timeWhat are the basic rules of playing football
Corner kick means that when the whole ball crosses the goal line on the ground or in the air, and the last player who touches the ball is the defender, and the score is not a goal according to the winning rule, a corner kick will be awarded, and the corner kick can be scored directly. The above are the basic rules of playing football. Of course, there is another important point. When playing football, apart from the goalkeeper, there are othersWhat are the six rules of playing football
Team equipment: The necessary equipment for the players on the field is sports jacket, shorts, protective socks, leg guards and football shoes. The players on the field shall not wear anything that can endanger other players. Kick off method: before the start of the game, a coin is used to select the kick-off or field. The party who picks first has the right to choose the kick-off or fieldWhat are the rules for playing football
Rules of football match chapter I venue 1 Venue area: the competition venue shall be rectangular, with a length of not more than 120 meters or less than 90 meters, a width of not more than 9O meters or less than 45 meters (the length of the venue for international competitions shall not be more than 110 meters or less than 100 meters, and a width of not more than 75 meters or less than 64 meters)Basic rules of playing football
The football field is demarcated by a white line. There are two teams, each with 11 players. The game is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. TheRules for playing football goal of the two teams is to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal and score one point for each successful shot. If one player kicks the baRules for playing footballll out of his own baselineWhat are the rules for playing football
(a) Warned and sentenced to play an indirect free kick. (b) In case of a serious offense, a penalty order will be issued. (13) Spitting at a staff member or other personnel or other similar rude acts shall be regarded as acts of violence and shall be dealt with in accordance with Chapter 12 (J) of the rules. (14) when a referee wants to warn a member of the team and fails to carry out the warning, the referee shall be punishedBasic rules of playing football
When playing a free kick, the ball must be set. After the player kicking the free kick kicks the ball, he shall not touch the ball again before the ball is kicked or touched by other players. Although other provisions of these rules have stipulated the place where the free kick is played: 1 When the defender plays a free kick in his own goal area, it can be played anywhere in the goal areaRules for pupils to play football
Primary school students usually play football in a five-a-side game. The basic rules are as follows: the team is limited to 8 players and 5 players. MustRules for playing football dress neatly. It is strictly forbidden to wear leather shoes. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from the competition. The first half and the seconRules for playing footballd half of each game are 20 minutes respectively, and the half-time break is 10 minutes. If the specified game time is not reached after 10 minutes, the team will be deemed to have abstainedWhat are the rules for playing football
The number of players in the football rules: each team shall have no more than 11 players, and at least 7 players. One of them is a goalkeeper, who must wear a shirt different from the color of the players in the two teams. Game time: 45 minutes in the first half and 45 minutes in the second half
Rules for playing football

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