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Editor:jim 2022-06-23 10:01Like playing football
Summary: Ten years ago, Beckham's annual salary was higher than the highest in the NBA. Is it very profitable to play footballYou should know that the right to use the portrait alone can make a lot of money
Ten years ago, Beckham's annual salary was higher than the highest in the NBA. Is it very profitable to play football
You should know that the right to use the portrait alone can make a lot of money, so Beckham did earn more than $40 million a year when playing in the United States, but his annual salary was only a small part of it. no way out. Who makes football the biggest sport in the world? Although the NBA has developed rapidly in recent yearsSince playing football is very profitable, why don't many people play it
Playing football also has a lot of stress! First of all, you must have that innate condition. You can withstand the boring and hard training, so you have to have a big heart! Are you still interested or supported by your family! The important thing is the environment. There must be a football atmosphereWhat is the most profitable sports industry? How should I invest
It's easy to explain. It's impossible to play football every day. If you don't play football, you won't use it. No, some owners of football stadiums get a lot of income from the rent of leisure centers obtained by individuals, schools or hospitals, and the utilization rate of most leisure centers reaches 75%. Finally, football is a culture. Although it has the characteristics of making money, it isMany foreign players come to the CSL to play football because they want to play football or to make money
Although playing football is an ideal, it is obviously unrealistic that there is no material support. Therefore, many football stars can get high salaries, which is the corresponding return. However, we can't say that "playing football for money" is too "straightforward" and it will turn sour! When will China Super League bid farewell to the "golden era"Who makes the most money playing football or basketball
Kevin Garnett has the higMake money playing footballhest annual salary (US $28million) in basketball and Cristiano Ronaldo has the highest annual salary (1500 euros) in football. If converted into US dollars, Garnett's annual salary is 1972912.68 euros and Ronaldo's annual salary is 15000000.00 euros: Garnett's annual salary is 28000000Football or basketball
Of course, playing football to make money is no exception in China! The national football team basically has one car for each player. Let's not talk about a good car or a bad one! Basketball players, volleyball players, and other players, who can be so awesome! However, they take more money than anyone but do nothing! In the international arena, too, let's not talk about the transfer of superstarsThe Chinese men's football team doesn't play very well, but what is the reason for the huge salary
This should be the case, because scarce goods are more expensive. Although their technology is very poor, Make money playing footballthere is no better person in China. So now it is time to need them, so the salary will naturally be higher. What's more, their wages are not paid by the state, but by the governmentBasketball or football (Professional)
Playing football makes more money. For example, Kobe Bryant, the No. 1 player in Make money playing footballthe NBA, has not made more money than iniestan of Barcelona
Can you make money playing football
There is no doubt that playing football can make money, but there are preconditions: first of all, the most important thing is that you need to have superb football skills, at least to reach the level of the Make money playing footballfirst player in the domestic league, before you can support your family by football. Secondly, you should have opportunities, including the opportunity to go to regular large clubs and playFootball is very expensive. How do companies that sponsor teams make money
With the changes of the times, football has been accepted by more and more people, and the bosses of private enterprises have also seen the benefits of football. For example, Shenhua Zhu Jun at that time was the eldest brother who helped his own enterprise by relying on football. At that time, he was either playing football or simply making money from football. Although we didn't talk about friendship, Shenhua did create a lot of value at that time. After
Make money playing football

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