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Composition about playing football: 400 words

Editor:jim 2022-06-22 20:01How to play football
Summary: "My specialty - composition on playing football" is about 400 wordsIn physical education class, some people in our class take basketball and some take football. I am a football fan, so I went to
"My specialty - composition on playing football" is about 400 words
In physical education class, some people in our class take basketball and some take football. I am a football fan, so I went to play football. After we had talked about the rules and selected the right people, we began to play football. Our team served first, I kicked the football to zhangyaoduo, and then zhangyaoduo hit the ball hard and scoredPlaying football composition 400 words
Playing football on Sunday afternoon, I asked some classmates to play football on the school playground. When we came to the stadium, we divided the staff into two groups, a group of six. Our group included Baochen, zhoubinbin and me, and the other six were Zhan Yongjian. At the beginning of the game, we kick off first. I took the football from othersMy hobby composition is 400 words (playing football), a perfect beginning
What I like to do after class is playing football. I loved football when I was in grade one, although I didn't know anything about the ball at that time. But I thought it was fun for so many people to run around with a ball, so I joined the football classWrite a composition about playing football with your classmates 400
"ZhComposition about playing football: 400 wordsong Qiang, let's find a piece of thick grass to lie down and rest." Zhong Qiang said, "OK.". The sun shines warm, the wind blows gently, and autumn insects sing in their ears. Zhong Qiang and I both feel happy and relaxed. I look forward to playing football and basking in the sun with Zhong Qiang next time400 word composition of football playing week
”The cheering sound on the playground of the Shanghai Sports Center resounded through the sky. "Come on, come on." aren't they still hot? Do you hope father-in-law sun will continue to warm up? No, this is our cheerleaders cheering. It turned out that a fierce football match was being held here. Shanghai Jing'an experimental primary school team played against Shanghai Yonghe primary school teamFriends' hobbies like playing football composition 400 words
I couldn't help shouting: "pass it on! Pass it on!" The teammates did pass the ball! At this time, I was very nervous, and my heart was beating a drum. I seized the opportunity to make an "upside down golden hook". Alas, the ball seems to have eyes. It entered tComposition about playing football: 400 wordshe goal impartially... It's fun to play footballThe joy of playing football
Life lies in sports. My happiness also comes from sports. Football makes me gain infinite vitality and fun. I love playing football and am a football fan to the letter. Although I am thin and small, as long as I am with football, I will show my great powerWrite a 400 word composition on the topic of "Xiaoming playing football"
First write the time, place, person and cause of the event, then write the process in detail, and finally write the result. For example, Xiaoming is a football fan, but his skills are very poor. After learning and hard training, he improved his skills. Finally, he played a ball for the team in the football match held in the area and let the team winRemember a composition about playing football, 400 words
Playing football is a sunny afternoon activity. Fanyiqiang, yangaoyu, wangjiaqi, wangshuaigang and I, not to mention our head teacher, Mr. Guo. Guess what we are doing? We are playing football. The sky is especially blue and the air is especially fresh. The detachment has begunThe composition about football is 500 words fast
After the football match, they were also asked when another football match would be held, and they must still come to see it-- A little footballComposition about playing football: 400 words match on a sunny afternoon, some boys put their schoolbags on the lawn and played football without putting them on. They don't have spacious Composition about playing football: 400 wordsspace or standard facilities
Composition about playing football: 400 words

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