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Football accident should I be responsible

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Summary: Excuse me, I asked my friends to play football. Should I be responsible for an accident in the process of playing footballBecause you invite your friends to play football. I think you should be respon
Excuse me, I asked my friends to play football. Should I be responsible for an accident in the process of playing football
Because you invite your friends to play football. I think you should be responsible for an accident in the process of playing football. If you don't ask your friends to come, they won't come. In case of an accident, you should take your friends to the hospital for treatmentThe children in grade two of primary school play football and grab the ball with each other in physical education class. The collision results in that the other children
Both parties have certain responsibilities, which are not intentional. Besides, students have to pay insurance. The hospitalization medical expenses should be reimbursed by the insurance company. You and your child should bring gifts to the hospital to visitFootball injury
To avoid unnecessary injury accidents. At ordinary times, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity and education of health care knowledge, enhance the awareness of self-care, and improve the consciousness of complying with the requirements of sports health. This answer is recommended by lizhisheng, a sports classFootball accident  should I be responsibleification expert, to report and correct mistakesWho is responsible for breaking his arm in a football match
Many football fans often spontaneously form football teams and play football through wechat groups., The venue fee and other fees shall be shared equally by the contestants. However, as a group, confrontational and high-risk competitive sport, it is very common for athletes to have body collisions in the process of ball control, steals and defense, resulting in personal injuries. In this caseI had a car accident while playing football. Am I responsible
Although it is not your responsibility. Because you're not kicking in the street. But my conscience will be sorry! OverHow to divide the responsibility of injury accidents caused by playing football in physical education class
If the school where the minor causes injury to others during his / her stay in the school has fulfilled the full management and guardianship obligations, the actor shall be liable for compensation. If the school has not fulfilled the full guardianship obligations, the school shall be liable for compensation according to the degree of fault. If the actor is liable, it also depends on whether there is any mixing between classmate a and classmate BThe 15-year-old children broke their opponent's bone when playing football at the age of 13. Who should bear the responsibility and how to bear the responsibility
The first opinion is that football is a highly competitive sport, and participants should know the risFootball accident  should I be responsibleks. In this case, if a 15-year-old child does not act beyond the rules of football. And there is no intention to hurt others, and there is no gross negligence. The injury of a 13-year-old child should be an accidental injury accidentShould one side be held responsible for the injury caused by the collision of kicking ball
The opinions of Mr. Li from the General Administration of sport Football accident  should I be responsibleof the people's Republic of China are more applicable to professional and organized competitive competitions. Fault liability and no fault liability should be applied to social sports activities such as students playing football. Finally, the society should implement faiFootball accident  should I be responsibler relief to the victims. Therefore, the applicable principles are different when dealing with cases. Zhang Wen: any laws and regulations have their scope of applicationWho is responsible for playing football and bumping into each other
The school did not inform the students of the corresponding safety and risks before they played football. At the time of the incident, the physical education teacher was not on-site to observe and supervise the students' activities. During the dispute settlement, the school did not help the plaintiff with identification and insurance claim settlement. Therefore, the plaintiff believes that the school bears the corresponding management fault liability, and should also bear the liability for compensation for the plaintiff's personal damage. SoHow should the school deal with the students who are injured to fracture in the football match organized by the school
If the accidental injury of students is caused by the school, both of them can be required to pay compensation at the same time. If the injury is not caused by the school, you can only apply for accident insurance compensation. School liability insurance is the name of an insurance, which refers to the accidents and property losses caused by students' casualties due to the negligence of the school
Football accident should I be responsible

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