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How to play football

First football composition

Editor:jim 2022-06-23 09:01How to play football
Summary: How to write a composition about playing footballThe composition about playing football (2) my favorite sport is football, because I think football is the sport that a boy should play. My first contac
How to write a composition about playing football
The composition about playing football (2) my favorite sport is football, because I think football is the sport that a boy should play. My first contact with football was because my brother would play football with me downstairs every time he came home from vacation. When I first started playingGrade 3 soccer composition 53 words
After dinner this morning, I read the extracurricular book "Little Prince" for a while, and went to play football with my neighbor's children. The first time I played football, I kicked with my toes and the ball ran away. We had a good time together. Later, my mother taught me that I should use the inside of my foot to kick, so it is not easy to hurt my foot and save energy. Next timeMy first football class English composition
The exciting football match is about to begin. As this is my first time to participate in a football match, I am a little nervous. The game has begun and we are full of confidence. In the first half, we launched a fierce attack, but unfortunately we didn't score any goals. And class 2 (1) scored a goal, which I didn't expectRemember a football match composition
Today, the weather was especially sunny. After the school bell rang, we, who loved football, quickly rushed to the football field on the playground to prepare for a fierce football match with class 1, grade 6. Along the way, our hearts were very excited and we couldn't help singing. "Dudu!" With the referee's whistlePlaying football composition
The little girl with the bow was so fascinated that she simply stood up. The big uncle looked at it very carefully, which seemed to arouse his memories. He played football like this when he was a child... How about it, OK? This football match is really fierce! Although one team lost, friendship came first and the game came secondWrite a composition about a football match
This football match has tempered our will, exercised our body, and taught us the truth that unity is powerful. This football match will always be remembered by me. One sunny afternoon, after school, several friends played football in an open space in front of the house. Soon everyone arrived. They put their hats onA hundred words for the first time in the third grade composition
My extracurricular life is rich and colorful. I use my spare time to learn painting, English and football. I especially like playing football because it brings endless happiness to my childhood. In order to practice football well, my father prepared football and sports shoes for me. Armed, I excitedly went to the football field near my home with my fatherWrite at least 5 lines in your diary with "first time playing football"
The day before yesterday was Monday, the first day I went to my cousin's house. In the afternoonA composition about playing football
The second round begins. I took the football to the left and the other side rushed to intercept it. I kicked the football to Bao Chen before he came near. Baochen immediately kicked the football to zhoubinbin. Zhoubinbin is near the goal. He catches the passing football and rushes to the goal. He wrigglesRemember a football match composition? Please recommend
My first football match this sFirst football compositionummer vacation, I went crazy for the world cup with my father for the first time, which made me realize the charm and passion of the world cup for the first time. And I participated in a regular football match for the first time. It was really wonderful and memorable
First football composition

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