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How to play football

Football playing scene

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Summary: A passage describing the lively scene of a football match, not a compositionToday, I made an appointment with Cen Lei and some other students to play football at cenze's home. In the afternoon, whe
A passage describing the lively scene of a football match, not a composition
Today, I made an appointment with Cen Lei and some other students to play football at cenze's home. In the afternoon, when I came to cenze's house, I found that his house was very lively and many students came. After the players were assigned, the fierce football match began. Our team served first and the goalkeeper gave it a kickDescribe a football match
Penalty kick! Red team, red team! Don't give the blue team any chance. Great left back! He inherited the glorious tradition of the red team. At this moment, the soul is possessed! Grosso represents the long history and tradition of red team football. At this moment, he is not fighting alone. He is not aloneWrite about playing football
... you can buy it in the supermarket. It is designed for playing. Now you must know that it is my favorite "football". Once when I played a game, it was dFootball playing sceneeeply branded in my heart. I remember once, the fourth grade department held a football matchWhat was the most impressive scene when you played football on the football field
AFootball playing scenet the beginning of high school, he played basketball all the time. There were few big games. When I was a sophomore in high school, I organized a friendly match with my brother's class. For the first time, I played seriously. Many students from both classes came to cheer me on. At that time, I played as a left winger. My class kicked off, and the students who kicked off shot directly as soon as they kicked offWrite the scene of two people playing football 250 words
During the winter vacation, I was at home every day. It was boring. One day, after I finished my winter homework, I was watching TV alone. Suddenly, some of my classmates knocked at the door. It turned out that they asked me to play football at school. We came to the school and it was empty. They told me to be a goalkeeper and the game beganTry to describe a scene with the topic of playing football and the rhetoric of parallelism
I saw the football draw a beautiful arc and get into the opponent's goal. "Yeah! 4-3 we won!" Everyone hugged each other excitedly, not to mention how happy they were. Taking playing football as the topic, this paper tries to describe a scene by using the rhetoric of parallelism to ask fan Shize, the forward of our class, who grabbed the football, such asHow to describe the fierce scene of a football match
The description of the fiercFootball playing scenee scene of the football match can be written that I took the ball to the midfield. Seeing that Liu zhiang was not defended, I passed the ball to him. He missed the ball and was intercepted by his opponent halfway. The students could not help but make a sound of regret. We didn't immediately retreat to the back court to defend, we were in a mess in their restricted areaHow to describe the wonderful scenes of children playing football
Describe the wonderful scene of children playing football. Jingling bell rings. Class is over. The surrounding residents are busy: some go to buy vegetables, some go to pick up the children from school. Unexpectedly, some people go to waFootball playing scenetch the children play football. The children who had just finished school came to a wastelandDescribe the scene of playing football
He has a wonderful touch on football. He can handle the long pass of the red team. When the ball lands, he has glued it to his feet. The goalkeeper stretched out his long arm, came to a hungry tiger and caught the ball firmly. He is really a good center. He is as flexible as a dragon. He drives the ball as fast as the wind and rushes to the opponent's goal in a flashHow to describe the wonderful scenes of children playing football
Not only that, before the end of the game, our team members once again attacked the whole line, like an arrow leaving the string, straight into the other side's restricted area, kicked fiercely and scored another goal. In the end, our side won by 3 to 0. Ah! How interesting this football match was. In the game, our side experienced thousands of difficulties and obstacles, and finally achieved a brilliant result of 3-0
Football playing scene

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