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Play football and shoot

Editor:lucy 2022-06-23 02:08How to play football
Summary: When playing football, how to twist your waist and shoot hardToday, let's talk about how to twist your waist and shoot when playing football? Center of gravity back. The key point of twisting the w
When playing football, how to twist yourPlay football and shoot waist and shoot hard
Today, let's talk about how to twist your waist and shoot when playing football? Center of gravity back. The key point of twisting the waist to shoot is to tilt the supporting legs. The way to tilt the supporting legs is to take a bigger step in the last step of playing football. Although many people take a big step in the last step of playing football, butWhen playing football, under what circumstances do you usually shoot with the side of your foot, and under what circumstances do you shoot with the instep
Inner instep: it can kick the inner curve ball, with relatively small power but high accuracy. It is generally used for passing or shooting in pursuit of angle; Outer instep: it can kick the outer curve ball. Its strength is usually greater than that of the inner instep, Play football and shootbut its accuracy is not as easy to control as that of the inner instep. It is generally used for shooting or passing; Instep: can kick a straight ballHow many kinds of shots are there in football
5. Reverse hook shooting: when the football is higher than the player's head, the player makes a back somersault action, so that the foot is in the air, so as to kick the football and complete the shooting. The difficulty coefficient of this movement is very high and the accuracy is low. The most famous one should be in a friendly match between Sweden and EnglandHow do bones, joints and muscles interact with each other in the shooting action of playing football
Pay attention to warm-up activities before sports, which will greatly reduce the possibility of playing football. As for the action, it varies from person to person. The muscle is moderately tight, the calf swings, and the shooting force may reach the maximum, which mainly refers to the instep volleyHow to shoot a football hard
Front instep shot [strong shot]: strengths: great strength, fast ball speed and long range. Disadvantages: thePlay football and shoot opponent is easy to know where to shoot the ball, andPlay football and shoot other accuracy is difficult to grasp. Key: at the starting point, the ball should be in line with the policy. The knee should be easy to run up to the policy. The feet should stand close to the ball. Naturally, the legs should be lifted back and looked atWhat is shooting... How to play football
Of course, since it's a volley, there can't be a touch of rubbing the ball, so the trajectory of the ball will become stable and it's easy to judge the landing point. You should always remember your shooting action. Don't kick the ball backwards like Beckham. The ball will fly high (except Beckham). You should have a tendency to lean forwardShooting skills in football
Use the instep of your foot to shoot fast and powerful. Just know where to touch the ball
How to shoot in football
For football shooting, it is OK to push the angle with the foot bow in the restricted area. If someone blocks, it is better to poke and shoot with the toe. If the distance is far, shoot. The volley is divided into the instep and the outer instep. The outer instep has been played before, but I always feel that it is not as powerful as the instep. The outer instep passing is still OK. It depends on the individualWhen playing football, which part of your foot should you use to shoot
According to my own experience and the coach's teaching, I think there should be two situations. When you are far away from the goal, it is recommended to use the instep to shoot. This is also the current mainstream shooting method, that is, before the power (kick), let the toe extend as far as possible, so that the instep and the calf are in a straight line, and the instep touches the ball at the moment of powerHow to shoot when playing football
There are toe poke shot, instep volley, foot bow push shot, header, heel. The key is to see what form your shot is in at that time
Play football and shoot

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