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Sprained knee playing football

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Summary: Football knee sprain do MRI anterior cruciate ligament injury joint effusion about 2 weeks can walk and playAnswer: Condition Analysis: your knee is swollen, indicating that your ligament is likely to
Football knee sprain do MRI anterior cruciate ligament injury joint effusion about 2 weeks can walk and play
Answer: Condition Analysis: your knee is swollen, indicating that your ligament is likely to be torn or even broken. If it is really a fracture, it needs surgery for reconstruction. Suggestions: it is recommended to go to the hospital for an MRI so as to see whether the ligament is really damaged. Don't delay, or you will delay your illness
Kick the ball to the knee
Friend, it's normal to twist your knee when playing football, but depending on the degree of your sprain, you can recover first. If you're good, you can continue to exercise; If Sprained knee playing footballyou don't get better, go to the hospital and follow the doctor's advice. I wish you good health and good luck! Thank you
When playing football, I sprained my supporting foot and knee. I haven't hurt it before. I hurt it around 3 p.m. and now I still
Answer: Condition Analysis: you can apply cold compress within 24 hours, and then apply hot compress after 60 hours. Cold compress can reduce tissue bleeding& lt; br/> Suggestions: it is suggested that Votalin cream should be applied locally to minimize activities, raise the lower limbs and minimize the formation of congestion in the lower limbsKnee injury when playing football, how is it that there is a noise when walking
This condition should be caused by the knee ligament injury. It may be caused by the collision of the articular surface caused by the ligament relaxation. It should be caused by the ligament injury and the change of the joint stress. It needs to be recovered slowlyAsk for help ~ sprained knee (right knee) while playing football. Later, it was twisted repeatedly. Like a dislocation, the legs can't bend
Repeated sprains, like dislocations, can't bend the legs. Keep them for about 10 days. The liver governs the tendons and the kidney governs the bones. You have insufficient liver blood and kidney yin and cannot nourish the tendons and bones Rest is only a temporary cure, no longer aggravated, but it does not cure the root cause, because there is insufficient supplementary care At the same time of recuperation, pay attention to strengthening muscles and bones, regulating meridians and tonifying liver and kidney, so as to cure the root causeFootball knee injury, how can you recover quickly
1. Rest, stop exercising immediately, and don't let the injured joint bear more weight 2 Cold compress. Ice or other cold compresses can help reduce pain and swelling because lowering the temperature reduces blood circulation. Cold compress for 15 to 20 minutes each time, three to four times a day. 3. oppression. Pressing the injured part with bandages or other methods can reduce bleeding and congestionI twisted my knee when playing football. It hurt a little at that time. It hurt even more when I came home after playing football. The next day, I looked at my knee
Answer: Condition Analysis: this situation should be a symptom of disharmony of Qi and blood caused by local sprain. Guidance: it is suggested that you take some blood activating drugs orally. For example, Sanqi Shangpian and Shujin Huoxue Pian are used for treatment. Local hot compress, then apply with safflower oil and massage appropriatelyWhen I played footSprained knee playing footballball in May, I sprained my knee. After two months, it was almost fine
In this case, I personally think it is better to make an MRI checklist if it is a sprain, because this damage mechanism is particularly easy to cause damage to the meniscus and cruciate ligament, and it is uncomfortable for more than two months, so it can help analyze the condition. The most important thing in this situation is restPlay football, how does knee sprain do! How long will it take
Hope it can help youSprained knee playing football: the quickest way to work: use Tianqi to smash it and flush water or wine, one to two grams each time. Within an hour after drinking, the cyanosis will be completely eliminated or partiaSprained knee playing footballlly treated. It can be eliminated, but it will continue to attack after five hours, indicating that the medication is very effectiveYesterday when I played football, I sprained my knee carelessly. I felt pain in stretching and squatting. There was no swelling
The soft tissues (cartilage and ligaments) in the sprained joints will be damaged to some extent. Swelling, soreness and limited bending activities will occur in the damaged parts of the soft tissues. The regeneration ability of the soft tissues is weak and the self repair is slow. It is generally difficult to self heal without early and correct treatment
Sprained knee playing football

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