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Playing football with Dad

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Summary: My father can play footballMy father is straightforward and likes to make friends with others. He speaks with great humor and often makes us laugh. The atmosphere will be more enthusiastic if he is pr
My father can play football
My father is straightforward and likes to make friends with others. He speaks with great humor and often makes us laugh. The atmosphere will be more enthusiastic if he is present at the party. Dad likes playing football very much. During the summer vacation, he would take me to play football whenever he had free time. Remember one day, the scorching sunHow to write a composition about playing football
They burst into cheers. Watching my heart itch, I begged my father to ask me to play football when I came home. My father agreed. I was so happy. I dreamed that I would become a football player in the future. The composition about playing football (2) my favorite sport is football, because I think football is the sport that a boy should playFather playing football in rainy days
Today, I am very happy, just like eating stimulants! Do you know why? That's because I'm going to play football with my father today. As soon as I got downstairs, I couldn't wait to say to my father, "let's start quickly." Dad nodded. I started shooting first and each shot three goalsHow to write a football composition in 100 words
On Sunday afternoon, I asked some of my classmates to play football on the school playground. When we came to the stadium, we divided the staff into two groups, a group of six. Our group included Baochen, zhoubinbin and me, and the other six were Zhan Yongjian. At the beginning of the game, we kick off first. I took the football from othersMy father and I play football
…”。 Once I kicked the ball too hard and my shoes flew outPlaying football with Dad. My father took the opportunity to kick into the goal. I shouted: "no! NPlaying football with Dado!". I kicked harder and harder, but my sneakers seemed to go against me. They spun and flew out again, almost falling into the foot wash basin. I put on my sneakers in a hurryMy father likes playing football
I am a little boy. I like playing football very much. Football is my biggest hobby. Whenever I see footbaPlaying football with Dadll, my sadness disappears. I have been a member of the football team since I was a child. I have been training in the football team for three years. Whenever I fly on the football field and score a goal for our teamIt's exciting to play football
I am outgoing by nature. Whenever I am alone, I can't help laughing quietly when I think of something funny. I have many hobbies, such as playing football, playing computer, running, and so on. Everything is my strength. When I feel bored at home, I will play computer and watch football matches. My hobby comes from heredityGrade 3 soccer composition 53 words
Article 5: playing football this morning, my parents and I went to the western market of Datang to play football. My parents and I found an open space to play football. After playing football with my mother for a while, my mother suddenly fell down. Later, I played football with my father for a while. My father was panting and lost to mePlaying football composition
My extracurricular life is rich and colorful. I use my spare time to learn painting, English and football. I especially like playing football because it brings endless happiness to my childhood. In order to practice football well, my father prepared football and sports shoes for me. Armed, I excitedly went to the football field near my home with my fatherHow to write a 120 word composition about playing football after dinner
As soon aPlaying football with Dads I got there, I was so happy that I quickly picked up the football and played it. My brother kept chasing me for the ball. Dad looked at it and said, "don't worry, don't worry, it's still early!" My brother replied: "I can't wait." Later, Dad joined us in playing football
Playing football with Dad

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