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Football ankle the former may be more serious

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Summary: How did you sprain your ankle playing footballFirst of all, you have a stress sprain or an intermittent sprain. The two kinds of sprains are very different. The former may be more serious. You need to
How did you sprain your ankle playing football
First of all, you have a stress sprain or an intermittent sprain. The two kinds of sprains are very different. The former may be more serious. You need to pay attention to the fact that you have injured your muscles and bones for a hundred days. Although you haven't injured your bones, you have injured your muscles. You must take care of yourself in meditation. You shouldn't get out of bed and exercise violently until you have taken good care of yourselfI twisted my ankle playing football. What should I do then
Twisting the ankle is really a depressing thing, because for us young people, even if we know how to cultivate ourselves after twisting, we won't really do it. After all, we are young and vigorous. If we are a little better, we will have to go out and play. I also twisted in high school, and the place I twisted was always capricious and painful. The reason was that I had no self-cultivation. ObjectiveHow to reduce the risk of sprain when playing football
Ankle sprain is classified into three grades according to the severity from low to high: Grade I refers to ligament stretch, slight tear, grade II refers to excessive ligament stretch, partial tear and grade III refers to complete ligament tear. Football players (whether professional or amateur) will suffer ankle sprains, so it is very important to do a good job of Football ankle  the former may be more seriousprotectionWhich part of football is the most vulnerable to injury? How to protect
But the more a sport like football is, the sports injury will be caused by incorrect sports habits, especially several joints, including the ankle or knee. This problem will lead to the prevention and maintenance of several common damaged joints. Common parts of injury
What is the cause of ankle pain when playing football
Is your foot injured? If so, pay more attention toFootball ankle  the former may be more serious warm-up before exercise; Then there is the ankle sprain. The left ligament will be strained for a long time. You should pay more attention and apply medicinFootball ankle  the former may be more seriouse! It must have been too late when I repliedWhat method can be used to treat ankle injury quickly when playing football
Ankle sprain is commonly referred to as ankle sprain. The first 48 hours of joint sprain should be cold compress. After 48 hours, hot compress, massage, plaster and other methods can be used for treatment. During this period, you must pay attention to rest. Generally speaking, joint sprain depends on the severity of the injuryAnkle is injured when playing football, swollen now, very painful, walk hard, how to do
First, apply ice within 48 hours (the sooner the better)! The principle is: after an ankle injury, the internal capillaries rupture, causing ankle swelling and pain! Use ice compress to cool the internal capillaries (heat expansion and cold contraction). Ice compress can stop bleeding for capillaries and achieve the effect of detumescence and analgesia. At that time, it is better to apply ice immediatelyHow does ankle ache do when kicking a ball
1. I have the same problem with you. You can buy ankle protection after playing for a long time. It can fix the twisting of the ankle when playing football. It's a little awkward at first, but the shooting won't hurt. 2. Soak your feet in hot water at night to relieve fatigue. Add some salt and light salt water to wash your feet. 3. Too long without exercise, suddenlyHow to prevent ankle injury when playing football, and how to treat it urgently
Sprain is an inevitable problem in life, especially the ankle joint is the most easily sprained part. Once it is sprained, the most direct reaction is "pain". Then, according to the degree of sprain, we can see whether there will be swelling or blood stasis. For this kind of injury, many people often don't think much of it, and often the old disFootball ankle  the former may be more seriousease has not healed, and the new injury has relapsedHow to improve ankle strength and take the first step in playing football
Once up and down, one group will get 30-45 times, rest for 1-2 minutes, and 3-4 groups a day. Kicking ball is one of the basic skills of football. It refers to kicking the ball to a predetermined target with a certain part of the foot according to a certain action method. Mainly used for passing and shooting. Press the part where the foot touches the ball
Football ankle the former may be more serious

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