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Benefits of playing football

The composition of playing football is 500 words

Editor:lucy 2022-06-26 11:00Benefits of playing football
Summary: A composition about playing footballPlaying football composition 600 words 1: after I returned to the hospital this afternoon, I had nothing to do at leisure, so I found some friends to play football.
A composition about playing football
Playing football composition 600 words 1: after I returned to the hospital this aThe composition of playing football is 500 wordsfternoon, I had nothing to do at leisure, so I found some friends to play football. After the distribution, we began. The two sides were in a stalemate a few minutes ago, and the score has been 0-0. Just then, Li Jiazhi, the opponentThe composition of playing football is 500 words, hit the goal with a foot from the left, and the ball scored. Within a few minutesCampus football match composition 500 words
The head teacher Yang praised us and said that we had worked hard and she was satisfied. I think this campus football match is very meaningful. It can not only strengthen our health, but also strengthen our sense of honor and team awareness. I like playing football. I hope to become a member of the national team through my own effortsWrite a composition about the campus football match
As for the composition of language football match, you can describe the process of some matches between the two sides and the proportion of each other's score. After the plot of the egg they scored during the game is written, you can see if you can get 500 wordsHow to write a 500 word composition about playing football
"Bell! -" class is over! Class is over! " Shouted our football player. We took the ball straight to the playground! We came to the playground and looked up. The sky was much bluer than before. The green trees in front of me were a little lush. Occasionally, we heard birds chirping in the treesThe composition about football is 500 words fast
Still stuck on the court, he looked straight ahead and stared at the football at the other side's feet. He did not dare to relax at all. He kept changing his position from time to time, from time to time, from time to time, from left to right. At this time, the ball flew over. The goalkeeper pounced on the balThe composition of playing football is 500 wordsl like a lion, and the other side did not show weakness. They learned the lesson of the last time and continued to play football. Suddenly, the ball scoredFootball composition 500 words
Whenever there is a wonderful goal, it will make me dance and shout with excitement. If I see my favorite star make a mistake, I can't help sighing. During the whole game, I watched football at night, talked about football as soon as I saw people during the day, and played football in my dream... Football has made me crazy. FootComposition "I'm a football player" 500 font
If you want to ask me what I like to play most, I will say without hesitation: "I like playing football best. Because playing football can not only exercise my body, but also relax my tense study life, so I like playing football." Every Sunday, I ask my friends to play football in the playground downstairsOne thing in the summer vacation
For many people, summer vacation is a time to have fun, but I am a little depressed because it is always difficult to get together with friends to play football during the holidays, but today is an exception. Because xiaopang celebrated his birthday today, he gathered everyone together. After dinner, he wentThe composition of playing football is 500 words to the football field with a smilePlaying football composition
1. In a spring when birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, after school, the children will play football together, sometimes attracting the audience. Once, in a vacant lot, the children held a football match of their own. After school, they picked up their schoolbags and went to the open space. When they got there, they divided into two teams, one teamAsk for a 500 word composition about the football match
Song was not happy again: "how can we, a group of novices, play!" Unfortunately, this sentence was heard by he, who had a sensitive ear, so he always sat in front of our door to have a rest and chat. At this time, the score was 1:0, and we had the advantage. Served by team B, goalkeeper Guo of team B has not been very good at playing football. Guo was aggressive when serving
The composition of playing football is 500 words

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