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Benefits of playing football

Playing football PPT supporting foot to take one step

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Summary: Methods of playing footballWhen kicking the ball in the air with the instep facing the front (sideways kicking the ball in the air), it is necessary to first judge the running route of the good ball a
Methods of playing football
When kicking the ball in the air with the instep facing the front (sideways kicking the ball in the air), it is necessary to first judge the running route of the good ball and determine the hitting point, and make the body side to the direction of the ball. The supporting foot takes a step, the toe points to the direction of the ball, and the upper body inclines to the side of the supporting foot. The thigh of the kicking foot drives the lower leg to swing rapidly in the direction of the ball. Use the back middle of the instep facing the ball to swingBasic knowledge of playing football
Basic technical knowledge of football 1 Be familiar with the feeling of ball touch, footwork practice, touch the ball with the sole of the foot, and bump the ball (bump the ball at various parts: instep, inside and outside of the foot, tPlaying football PPT  supporting foot to take one stephigh, head, etc.) 2 Kicking parts: toe, instep, heel, outer side of foot, inner side of foot, inner side of instepWhat are the technical points of playing football
Kick the groundball: the action method of kicking the groundball from the inside of the foot is basically the same as that of kicking the set piece. The difference is that the ball rolls on the ground. Therefore, in the process of supporting and swinging the legs to hit the ball, some links in the action method should be properly adjusted according to the rolling direction and speed of the ball. The ball rolled head-onHow to play football
Representative shooting: in the 1990 World Cup, the former West Germany vs the former Yugoslavia, mataeus started to take the ball in the midfield. After passing the other two players, he raised his feet to shoot at the top of the arc of the big restricted area. Although the angle was not sharp, the ball was fast and urgent, and still entered the net. Mataeus' solid football skills were fully reflected in the process of this goalHow to play football
Playing football needs to be familiar with the tactics on the football field. The conventional formation consists of four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards Due to the use of four defenders, this formation has many changes in the configuration of the midfield, including: 2-sided avantgarde +2 back waist, 2-sided avantgarde +2 middle waist, 2-sided avantgarde +1 front waist +1 back waist (i.e. 4-3-1-2 formation), 4 middle waist, etcFootball courseware (14 ppts in total)
Answer: the first lesson of junior middle school football Liu Ying junior middle school Lai Bo knows football modern football football overview of football teaching and training football competition rules footbPlaying football PPT  supporting foot to take one stepall football competition stipulates that the two teams each participate in 11 people, and it is conducted on a 90-120-m long and 45-90-m wide field with goals (2.44 meters high and 7.32 meters wide) at both endsWhat are the essentials of playing football
① Teenagers' participation in football can thicken muscle fibers and enhance muscle contractility. Football is not only a systemic sports activity, but also promotes bone growth, bone density, bone diameter and bone weight. ② Young people often take part in football, which will promote them to act quickly, have a broad vision and react quicklyBasic rules of playing football
When throwing the ball, the players must face the court. Part of their feet should stand on or outside the sideline. They should not all leave the ground. They should throw the ball from head to head with both hands into the field. The game will resume as soon asPlaying football PPT  supporting foot to take one step the ball comes into play. The ball thrower shall not touch the ball again until the ball is kicked or touched by other playersWhat are the basic moves in playing football
Short pass short pass is divided into foot bow pass and instep pass. Short passing is the most used technique in football. Arch passing: the position of the supporting foot should be selected appropriately. The toe should rush forward, the knee joint should be slightly bent, facing the direction of passing. The arch surface of the foot touching the ball should be perpendicular to the passing direction, the sole should be parallel to the ground, and the toe should be slPlaying football PPT  supporting foot to take one stepightly cockedHow to play football
Football terms curveball technical terms of football. The technique of kicking a ball in an arc. When the football is running, it is formed by the pressure difference between the air on both sides due to strong rotation. Because the ball runs in an arc shape, it is commonly known as "banana ball". When kicking a curveball, the part of the foot hitting the ball shall deviate from the center of gravity of the ball
Playing football PPT supporting foot to take one step

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