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Benefits of playing football

Playing football composition 600 words

Editor:lucy 2022-06-23 20:04Benefits of playing football
Summary: The trouble of playing footballVery excited. It was the heat of the scene that aroused my desire to play football, so I took part in the football training class. When I first started playing football,
The trouble of playing football
Very excited. It was the heat of the scene that aroused my desire to play football, so I took part in the football training class. When I first started playing football, I was very clumsy. I was always robbed of the ball. Slowly, under the guidance of the coach, I learned to shake the ball with my instep, not fight for the ball with my feet, and shoot hardWriting a composition during the happy time of playing football
There will be a football match soon. First, four (1) girls will play four (2) girls. The football match began. Four (1) girls and four (2) girls played very hard. We girls pass the ball around to each oPlaying football composition 600 wordsther. There is Playing football composition 600 wordsa girl in our class who is very smart. While the girls in class 4 (2) are playing football with us. She came fromAsk your mother to play football composition 600 words
The composition asking mother to ask for playing football can generally write about the benefits of playing football, and the surrounding students are learning to play footballA composition about playing football
I have many hobbies, but I like playing football best. Playing football can not only exercise our body, but also exercise our will. Let's enjoy the composition about "playing football" with the Xiaobian. Playing football composition 600 words 1: after I returned to the hospital this afternoon, I had nothing to do at leisure, so I found some friends to play football. After distributionSunshine Sports happy football composition 600 words
Today is Friday. It was early after school. Panweidong, Ni Li, lianglingfeng, Chen Li, xialuqi and jinwenbo and I came to the open space in front of the children's palace to play football We have a group of three and they have a group of four After the assignment, the competition began. Two students served as goal respectivelyGrade 7 composition that time I played football really fascinated me 600 words
Everyone has his own hobbies, such as swimming, music and chess... I am no exception, but what I like is playing basketball. It's hard to understand how a small, elastic sphere can have such powerful magic that I am deeply fascinated. On a Sunday morningEnlightenment of playing football composition 600 words
"Bell! -" class is over! Class is over! " Shouted our football player. We took the ball straight to the playground! We came to the playground and looked up. The sky was much bluer than before. The green tPlaying football composition 600 wordsrees in front of me were a little lush. Occasionally, we heard birds chirping in the treesFootball composition 600 words
Playing football on Sunday afternoon, I asked some classmates to play football on the school playground. When we came to the stadium, we divided the staff into two groups, a group of six. Our group included Baochen, zhoubinbin and me, and the other six were Zhan Yongjian. At the beginning of the game, we kick off first. I took the football from othersFootball essay 600 words
Football essay: football is a fascinating sport. On that green field, there were twenty-two people and a football. Such a combination always staged a perfect performance in every corner of the world, arousing people's surging enthusiasm. Some people say tPlaying football composition 600 wordshat this is a sport integrating strength, speed and skills; Others sayGrade 5 Volume II 600 word composition playing football
Football every night, I will go to the square with my father to play football. Of course, there will be a fierce "battle" every night. This evening, I went to the square to play football with my father as usual. The kick started. My father first gave me a groundball. I found the right time and kicked it violently with the momentum of the ball
Playing football composition 600 words

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