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Benefits of playing football

A short essay on playing football

Editor:tom 2022-06-23 03:31Benefits of playing football
Summary: Little bear plays football and writes a short passageOne day, two little bears came to the forest, one named da da and the other named Xiao Xiao. The big one holds a football in his hand. As soon as h
Little bear plays football and writes aA short essay on playing football short passage
One day, two little bears came to the forest, one named da da and the other named Xiao Xiao. The big one holds a football in his hand. As soon as he puts it down, the little one will kick it. At this time, the little dragonfly and the little butterfly flew in. The little butterfly said, "big bear
2015 football match composition 150 word essay
In PE class, we are playing football We are divided into two teams. The team leaders are Liu Sheng and Dong LiFootball, my favorite sport, requires explication
My favorite sport is football. Football is a global sport. Almost everyone knows it and many people like it. I like football for the following reasons. First, football can exercise my body. I know I always get sick when I play football, but after I play football, I become stronger and lessHow to write a composition about playing football
This afternoon, after dinner, I saw some children playing football. They divided into two groups and began to kick the ball. A goalkeeper kicked the ball out at once. The two sides met and went straight to the ball. A tall boy took the lead and kicked the ball into the airI like playing football
My favorite sport is playing football. Whenever I see on TV that the players are so energetic, energetic, natural and unrestrained on the football field, I admire it very much and gradually fall in love with playing football. After primary school, I became the most powerful football player in my class. Once, we had a game with class fourA composition about playing football
I have many hobbies, but I like playing football best. Playing football can not only exercise our body, but also exercise our will. Let's enjoy the composition about "playing football" with the XiaoA short essay on playing footballbian. Playing football composition 600 words 1: after I returned to the hospital this afternoon, I had nothing to do at leisure, so I found some friends to play football. After distributionGrade one essay "playing football on the playground"
My extracurrA short essay on playing footballicular life is rich and colorful. I use my spare time to learn painting, English and football. I especially like playing football because it brings endless happiness to my childhood. In order to practice football well, my father prepared football and sports shoes for me. Armed, I excitedly went to the football field near my home with my fatherA 20 word essay on football
I couldn't help shouting: "pass it on! Pass it on!" The teammates did pass the ball! At this time, I was very nervous, and my heart was beating a drum. I seized the opportunity to make an "upside down golden hook". Alas, the ball seems to have eyes. It entered the goal impartially... It's fun to play footballHow to write 100 words in a football composition
Today is Friday. It was early after school. Panweidong, Ni Li, lianglingfeng, Chen Li, xialuqi and jinwenbo and I A short essay on playing footballcame to the open space in front of the children's palace to play football. We have three people in a group and they have four people in a group. After the assignment, the competition began. Two students served as goal respectively. At the beginning of the gameI like playing football
I like playing football. I like playing football.
A short essay on playing football

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